Technology Snapshot

Scalend Insights Appliance provides an end to end solution to transform raw data into meaningful insights. Easy to use UI encapsulates the complex and agile Hadoop infrastructure at the backend. The platform can handle variety of data sources – structured, unstructured or semi structured of any volume. This provides connectors to other databases, S3 storage and FTP.

The Scalend platform has a transformation work bench with provision to join multiple tables, data cleansing from raw data to arrive at meaningful data. The Modeling engine provides over 750+ industry standard mathematical and statistical functions & algorithms for best predictive & prescriptive insights.

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Scalend Advantages


Ready connectors – Insights in a day

Single Customer Identity

Omnichannel path integration – Individual path analysis

Domain & Platform Agnostic

Any domain – Any platform

Customizable KPI & Dashboards

Self service platform – Seamless visual tool integration

Big Data Integration

Built-in connectors – Any source

Data Security & Ownership

Retain data ownership – PCI compliant secure data store