Measuring your presence on the social media creates a huge impact on the success of your organization. Opt for the right social media analytics tool  to monitor, analyse and improve your social media presence.

Scalend offers the right combination of application to capture the social media sentiment, engage the right audience and provide analysis to build your brand value.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis – also termed as Opinion Mining is a very important factor in determining the success of a product or campaign in the social media ecosystem.

People render their opinions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Capture their positive and negative sentiments to measure the impact of your campaigning or to better your product and even decide on the new products based on the demand of the users.

Digital footprint

Digital footprint refers to the trace or trail that people leave over the internet in terms of emails, blogs, social media opinions, video or image uploads, etc. All these actions will leave some form of personal information on the web, which can be captured to measure the true value of your brand.

Targeted Campaigns

The Scalend platform gives the option to capture the social media data, combine it with  click stream analytics and offer the right insights to segment your customers & run targeted campaigns to sweep your customers into your fold.

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