In these days of high competition among retailers and customers being more mobile, it becomes very important to understand your customer needs better and harvest your data through Scalend for better insights & ideas for continuous improvement in business.

Customer 360

  • Get a better understanding of your consumers by leveraging the existing historical data  with the real time data that is captured.
  • Map your customers based on the events before & after signup to provide coherent experience wrt the choices and content.
  • Segment & Engage your customer better by predicting the long term behavior, the LTV and running targeted & personalised campaigns based on the predictions obtained from our Advanced Analytics Suite.

Omni Channel Insights

  • With customers having multiple channels for online interaction like webpages ( multiple browsers), mobile apps, or through telephones, seamless experience becomes very important to any customer over any channel.
  • The Scalend system can collect data from all sources irrespective of the devices & integrate them at the backend so that the data is shared across all the channels in a secure way, while providing the best insights on customer behavior and experience.

Real time Analytics

  • Real time analytics help transform the shopping experience in terms of customer understanding & competitor analysis.
  • Scalend’s customer journey insights platform combined with the Advanced Analytics Suite can monitor your customer needs based on the browsing behavior almost at real time and help personalise the marketing for each and every user coming into your website.

All of the above experiences while ensuring that  the data is secure & you have complete ownership of the data.

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