With over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, rise in omnichannel online transactions (web & mobile devices) has opened up a huge potential to leverage vast datasets to gain customer insights  from trails of users’ digital footprint.

Customer journey Insights is a cost effective point solution from Scalend where clickstream data is collected, analyzed & business insights are provided in the form of real time & detailed dashboards to identify KPIs.

Need for Scalend Customer Journey Insights:

  • Omnichannel digital data collection from various touch points (Web, API, bots, mobile, etc.)
  • Real time data analysis & dashboards
  • Understand Customer Conversion
  • Optimize marketing strategies & costs
  • Personalized service options
  • Seamless App / Web performance for users
  • AI Enabled Test data generation

Scalend CJA Advantages

Less than 15 minutes of implementation time with mobile SDK for android, iOS & simple javascript code integration into your website.

Scalend offers complete access & ownership to your data , while keeping your data secure with encryption & masking features.

Scalend CJA is domain agnostic. The implementation is applicable for any domain without any platform dependency.

With omnichannel integration, track users from multiple devices under a single identity prior to registration as well.

View detailed and customized dashboards based on your needs that provide insights into the page trends, user cohort analysis, retention/ churn with user level granularity.

With the real time tracking, scalend also provides provision to access the historical data for detailed analysis.

Get real time tracking of events and personalized alerts and notifications to the team for timely web / app management.

Create 100% relevant user based test data and fix issues & provide feedback and notifications at real time.

Along with the real time decisioning, it is also possible to integrate the entire system with the Advanced analytics platform to get deeper prescriptive & predictive insights in a smooth transition.