Make Your ‘Data To Insights’ Journey Simpler And Faster !

Scalend Big Data Analytics enables users to deep dive into mining insights out of data while the platform handles data and data management challenges. Get access to relevant connectors to ingest data from any data source (traditional mainframes to modern IoT systems). The self-service transformation workbench helps cleanse and combine data and make data ready for analysis.

The workbench also provides features to join, filter, sort and introduce additional conditions and rules for data enrichment. The Modeling engine is flexible and scalable with access to industry standard statistical functions. The agile platform also enables customizations like data restructuring, data mapping, manual rules definition, uploading custom models etc.

Scalend Advantages

  • 1/10th the cost of self-built solution
  • Eliminate need for multiple tools
  • Connect to multiple data sources instantly
  • Secure PCI compliant platform with FPE algorithms for PII data
  • Ready access to industry standard mathematical models and statistical functions

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