Advanced Analytics Platform


Bid Goodbye to the traditional warehousing, data silos & multiple ETL tools. Embrace the Scalend Advanced Analytics solution to handle the exponentially growing & disparate data sources – structured, unstructured & semi structured.

Scalend is a Business Intelligence (BI) cum Data Insights platform that comes with a fully featured Data ingestion pipeline, a transformation workbench & modeling engine for generating prescriptive and predictive analytical insights.

Easy to use User Interface & Robust data security features makes the ‘Ingestion to Insights’ journey reliable, agile & secure.

The security features include inbuilt encryption algorithm for PII data, authentication system, Compliance to the PCI standards and  User level access to the file systems.

Use our 50+ connectors to Connect to the existing infrastructure to ingest structured, unstructured data sources & also connectors to any database.

Unstructured / Semi Structured Data sources – Csv, Xls, JSON, PDF, Server logs, IOT data, report files & many more

Structured data sources – DB such as Mongo, Oracle, MySQL, MySQL server, DB2

Filter out the noisy data by Sieving & preprocessing the data through the data transformation engine.

Transformation also provides complex enrichment through efficient algorithms with options to join, filter, aggregate different fields from multiple tables & different schema to let the clean data flow into the Modeling engine.

The Data modeling engine has Industry standard Statistical & Machine Learning algorithms, which can be run against your data to provide the best predictive & prescriptive insights. We support more than 750 statistical functions & libraries in R & Python.

Modeling algorithms like:

  • Linear / Logistic Regression
  • Naïve / Bayes Classifier
  • Decision Tree
  • Random forest
  • K-means clustering

& many more..

Scalend provides connectors to different data visualization tools such as Tableau, Inteliview, Qlikview, etc.