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Scalend Essential Insights is a SaaS solution that brings together a merchants traffic data ( Google Analytics, MixPanel and more), sales data from Payments Gateways (PayU, PayPal and others) and cart data ( Magento, Shopify and so on)  to generate comprehensive sales & traffic reports, user retention, conversion, payment declines, charge-backs across various payment gateways and most importantly sales-boosters that directly impact a merchant’s top-line. 

With all data in a single data lake, the system enables deep understanding of your customer and their profitability, product and their propensity.

Get deep insights about your customer, products, orders and take the most profitable action at the right time!

Using Scalend Essential Insights calculate:

  • Revenue, Product Report, Chargebacks /Refunds
  • Declines, Funnels, Anomalies
  • Customer Lifetime value, Churn, Social Insights
  • Next best offers, retargeting, segmenting and more

Click here for Sample Reports dashboard.

Who can use :

  • If you are selling products / services online
  • If you are building and maintaining shopping websites using E-Commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • If you are a Digital Marketing Agency helping brands engage with customers
  • If you are providing front and back-end e-commerce solutions (listing, inventory, accounting, logistics etc.)
  • If you help merchants accept payments online

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